Send a gift

If you want to send a gift, we're here to help! 

All you need to do is to tell us that you want to send the order as a gift, by using the "Add order note" section in the shopping cart. 

1) Select the products you'd like to include, and add them to the shopping cart as usual. For a great presentation, we suggest that you include some of our beautiful gift boxes.

2) Go to the shopping cart.

3) Use the field "Add order note" to let us know that this order is a gift. If you want, you could include a text for the person receiving it, and we'll include a card in the package with it. 

send gift 

 3) Lastly, and very important: make sure that you complete the order with the shipping address where we should deliver the present. 

If your order includes gift boxes, and you have indicated this way that you want us to send it as a gift, we'll use the boxes to pack the drinks you selected, we'll cover the boxes with a protective wrap, and we'll send them out to their destination.

On the other hand, if your order includes gift boxes, but you didn't indicate us that you wanted to send it as a gift, we'll assume that you want to deliver the gift directly, therefore it will be a normal order, and we'll send you the boxes just like any other product in the order.